ZaRes Textile

The Address of Innovation in Fabric


Our production types consist of fabrics such as pants, jackets and shirtings. And our fabric productions compose of %100 cotton, cotton-polyester, cotton-polyester-elasthan, cotton-polyamid, cotton-elasthan, cotton-viscose, cotton-linen, coated fabrics, techno fabrics, corduroy, indigo and printed fabrics. Most of our products consist of washed casual wear fabrics. The followinf processes are only some kinds, applied on fabrics; reactive dye, pigment dye, indigo dye, sulfur dye, e-control dye, indanthrene sye, coating, printing and banding

As 'ZARES' our marketing philosophy is as follows

  • First priority Best Service 
  • Secont priority Best Quality
  •  Last priority Price







Quality control principles as follows;

The sense of quality is the most important theme which makes the name of ZARES as a brand name ZARES. We, as ZARES, belive that quality, after customer based fabric service, has the first priority in our company policy.

For this reason, our quality control team works 24 hours by using computer added design fabric controlling systems

Our company has lot of fabric types such a way that the production amonthof some qualities has reached million meters. The %20 of this production is for garment makers which export various world markets, the rest %80 is exported directly to the following countries; France, Italy, England, Greece, Sweden, Netherland, Germany, Morocco, Algeria, Russia, Poland, ?Israel, .. etc



Machine Park;

ZARES Fabrics is committed to orchestrate 50 machines having different types and functionalities so as to provide superior products for her customers. Our entire machine park is founded in parallel to one of our principles; "to work with the newest technology". As a result of this, most of our machines are younger than three years old